We value a curious approach to both food and life.

Curiosity keeps us inspired, connects us with others, and deepens our understanding of the world around us. It encourages us to try new things, deepen our connection to what we eat, and cultivate a healthy and fulfilling relationship to food.

Chef Sarah Russo


Sarah Russo is a Holistic Certified Chef from Chicago, IL. As a former vegan, Chef Sarah’s cooking style is firmly rooted (haha) in plant-based cuisine. Her background is in therapeutic and healing foods that are functional and delicious. Her favorite cuisine is farm-to-table: seasonal, plentiful, and relatable. Sarah added animal protein back into her diet in 2015, as she discovered mindful ways to source the "good stuff" in the Chicago area.

For the past 5 years, Sarah has been working as a personal chef, recipe developer, speaker, educator, blog contributor, and for the past two years she has been the resident culinary manager for Pre Brands. Sarah is also the founder of organic ice pop company, ITSAPOP. When Sarah is not cooking, you can find her spinning at Soul Cycle, at the local market, or playing with her two cats, Taco and Wheezy.

Our nutrition philosophy

Of course, we have high nutrition standards. We’re a salad company! We use whole, local Midwestern, organic ingredients, grass-fed and pasture-raised animal protein. Our in-house registered dietitian approves everything. But, nutrition is so much more than that. 


To have a fulfilling, positive, truly nourishing relationship with food, be curious. Try new flavors. Discover interesting ingredients. Find out where your food came from. Be inspired by the food of other cultures. Eat intuitively and without distraction. Listen to what your body is saying. Get inquisitive about what foods make you feel good. Feel the freedom by ignoring the life-zapping distraction of calories and macros. Connect personally with your chef.


The best part? Curiosity tastes good. Really good.

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